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SINdicate of Six presents Power Fetish 8/21/13 (by Voidmine)

When I found out I lost my job !

When I found out I lost my job !

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Barbara Goulart

Ohhhh my… REBLOG this beauty… she deserves to be seen it in the whole world. Dont you think?

OMG !!!!!!

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It’s a spiritual experience !!!

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Garage/Yard Sale of DOOOOM!!
Posted by Jon Molina on June 13th, 2013


Saturday morning in Tempe AZ near Baseline & Hardy DR, address:

5339 S Mitchell Dr Tempe 85283
Look for YELLOW signs!

All money made going towards the following:

Toby (The Dog) CareCredit : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-toby?c=home
Save Toby’s Ass (Toby The Human) Medical Bills: https://www.facebook.com/events/193502774134638/?fref=ts
Get J and Jen the hell out of Arizona fund (They must get rid of all their things!)

We will have an odd assortment of things we are trying to sell.

We have had AWESOME donations from AWESOME people! If you want to donate things please Private Message me on facebook or TEXT ONLY @ (480) 284-1536

This is a first come first serve sale, we will not hold things for people unless you give us money to hold!

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$246 of $30,000
31 days left
Toby Heidebrink
Lead organizer
Jon Molina
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Down In It and up in it !

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OK, Masturbation !

OK, Masturbation !